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10 Home Office Remodel Tips You Should Know Beforehand

Office remodeling can be exciting. It’s even more exciting when done right. Whether you’re planning on remodeling a big home office or a small one, there are certain tips you should always keep in mind. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Tip #1 – Let In Some Natural Light

The first thing you need to do is find out whether it is possible to add some natural light to your office remodeling plan. There’s no doubt that natural light helps boost mood and uplift the spirit. Natural light can also help increase your productivity.

Tip #2 – Add Some Plants in the Room

Once you’ve figured out how to add natural light to your new office, the project will be incomplete without some plants. One study revealed that offices with plants recorded a 37% reduction in anxiety rate and a 44% reduction in hostility cases in the office. The bottom line is that plants improve overall mood, not forgetting their role in cleansing the air.

Tip #3 – Prepare for the Unexpected

If there is one thing the Covid-19 pandemic taught us is that nothing is permanent, from office setups to bromances. Speaking of setups, you must have noticed how many offices had to remodel their designs to accommodate new social distancing rules and other health guidelines. For instance, moveable room dividers were quite common at that time. And even as the world slowly returns to normalcy, room dividers are still stuck with us. 

The main goal here is to ensure that you don’t create permanent structures; anything can change in a blink of an eye. Using room partitions, for example, can help keep your options open.

Tip #4 – Comfort Comes First

When remodeling your office, you should always have comfort in mind. Comfort is an underrated yet crucial part of office remodeling projects. Do not focus too much on beauty; you want your office to serve you and not just look great for your Instagram followers. Think about your office chair, for example. 

Do you enjoy sitting on it for hours? Or do you experience back pain when you get home? If so, it might be time to upgrade to ergonomic office furniture.

Tip #5 – Add Some Pomp and Color

Remember to bring your office to life by adding some color. For best results, choose some lively and vibrant colors. Think of your theme color and then blend it with others to make your office look inviting, lovely, and less depressing. Check out these ten home office paint colors to boost productivity for inspiration.

Tip #6 – Block the Noise

If you struggle with productivity working from home due to noise, don’t kick out your kids just yet. Instead, consider soundproofing your home office. There are many different and affordable ways to do that. You just need to speak with an experienced home office remodeling contractor for the best ideas for your specific office. 

This option is also great if your office is the source of noise (not your kids). For instance, let’s say you love gaming with the sound blaring or making music – soundproofing confines the sound to your office, keeping everyone else in your household happy and peaceful.

The first thing you need to do is find out whether it is possible to add some natural light to your office remodeling plan. There’s no doubt that natural light helps boost mood and uplift the spirit. Natural light can also help increase your productivity.

Tip #7 – Add Some Storage

Consider adding some storage in your home office. The last thing you want is important stuff lying around in a huge mess. Sooner or later, such a mess will affect your mood and productivity. The right storage for your office will depend on several factors, including the available office space.

If you have a bigger space, you may install shelves along one of the walls to accommodate all that extra stuff. Or if you don’t have much room left to spare, consider investing in office furniture, such as desks, with built-in storage. The possibilities are endless.

Tip #8 – Create a Budget

You need a budget for your home office remodeling project. Having a budget gives you a rough idea of what you can or cannot include in your office remodeling project. In addition, when you have a budget in mind, it becomes easier to plan everything from start to finish. For instance, this could be the difference between building a wall-to-wall shelf or investing in office furniture with built-in shelves.

Tip #9 – Reserve Some Space for Refreshments

Natural light and plants can help boost your mood, but that’s not all you need to stay productive. Having a cup of tea, coffee, or any other refreshment that works for you could be all you need to recharge and get back to work as a new person. And when you have a home office, you don’t have to leave the room to grab a refreshment. A coffee maker or a tea station can help you regain energy and focus, all within your comfort zone.

And if your office space is big enough, consider adding a small fridge for your favorite refreshments. A home office mini-fridge could be a great addition if you need a cold beer, water, or iced tea.

#Top 10 – Add Some Wall Paintings

There is something about wall paintings that make home offices (and traditional offices) stand out. The best thing about these paintings is that they help express your style and personality. In addition, they can complement the main theme or color scheme of your home office. For best results, opt for a simple design, not a busy one. You want something with a calming effect, not too busy on the eye.

Need More Home Office Remodel Ideas? Talk to KSM Builders

The truth is that each home office is unique. For this reason, what works for you may not work for another homeowner, and vice versa. Therefore, for best results, it’s always advisable to consult expert home remodelers well in advance.

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